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Estes Adams Mount and scope (sold)

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 Estes Adams pic rail scope mount a one off afaik. Estes being the purist he was only gave 2 choices with his mounts, Stanag or Weaver which I wanted neither as they both limited which scopes you could mount. But since I wasn't aware that Weaver rail specs are not the same as a picatinny spec when I got the mount my rings didn't fit, and Weaver rings were not the type I wanted, So I enlisted my friend Jim Mason aka Horse may he RIP, to talk with Estes about adding a Picatinny rail for using my rings/scope at the time an SB 10x fixed and he did.  So fast forward 20 plus years I have so many other scoped rifles this is up for sale. It has a Meopta 1.5x6 with the German 4a ranging reticle, perfect for the AMT platform. This a scope is from the pre Meopta USA era but in like new condition, no blemishes, super clear glass and sits in Warne 30mm rings, also includes a sunshade. Scope with mount $1500 shipped. SCOPE/MOUNT SOLD






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