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How do I list this Grenade Launcher?

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I'm no expert on grenade launchers, very dumb, actually.  I got this 37mm non-gun/no FFL launcher in a box of parts and from everything I can find out it is indeed not an NFA item, not even a firearm under ATF rules.  It has absolutely no markings anywhere I can find, but is identical to several brands I've found doing a Google search.  I can put in on the Non-NFA weapons forum but it isn't actually a gun.  I can put it under "parts & accessories" but it doesn't exactly qualify there either.  Collectibles?  Not really but maybe.  How do I list it?

Grenade Launcher 1.JPG

Grenade Launcher 2.JPG

Grenade Launcher 3.JPG

Grenade Launcher 4.JPG

Grenade Launcher 5.JPG

Grenade Launcher 6.JPG

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