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WTB: AC556 Folding Stock or Sage Mini-EBR Chassis


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1 hour ago, pstidan said:

A Mini-14 stock will not fit an AC-556.  A Mini-14 stock needs to be milled out slightly to allow an AC-556 to fit in it.  Back in the day, M60 Joe did this stock machining.  I don't know who does it today.

"milled out slightly" is the issue.

I bought a Ruger folding stock for a semi-automatic gun, and my gunsmith has been milling pieces out of it for 3 months, he says when he test fires the gun the receiver lifts out of the wood, so he keeps making adjustments.

The knowledge of what to "slightly mill" is valuable, because it's apparently not obvious when looking at the AC-556 and Mini-14 receivers side to side.

Sage has a write up they're willing to provide for their mini-EBR chassis according to a conversation this morning with their new distributor. Except these are on backorder until at least Q4 2024.

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