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U.S. Secret Service (USSS) Pump Short Barrel Shotgun $1,100


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Excellent condition and excellent example of an OEM complete package from Remington to a Federal LE Agency----in this case, the US Secret Service.  OEM box with proper labels, shotgun is in original condition with no modifications, accessories, defects, or damage.   OEM operator's manual included. 

Serial numbers, order numbers, etc, from the box, to the gun, to the manual, all match. 

These pump SBS weapons made it to the market several years ago when the US Secret Service updated to semi auto SBS.

I store the weapon in a clean dry area, keep it properly cleaned and preserved but I do NOT store it in the Styrofoam casing inside the box to prevent moisture issues.  The box is stored and preserved separate to prevent damage.

Speed Feed stock shows very little, if any, use and wear.   At this time, I have no way to know if this weapon was used for Presidential protection or other USSS missions, but I have a request into the Secret Service trying to obtain a letter of provenance.


Contact me at 940-232-4918 (voice or text).  Or, email at flynryde@gmail.com.  Or, via the forum...I'm new to the forum so not sure how that works yet.


Jeffrey, USAF (ret.)














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