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WTB: A Basic Karl Kaps or Hensoldt ZF 4x24 Mod.1 Riflescope w/ HK STANAG Interface Claw Mount


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WTB: A basic Karl Kaps or Hensoldt ZF 4x24 Mod.1 riflescope (NSN 1240-12-144-0714) feat. 7.62x51mm NATO BDC with a HK STANAG interface claw mount (NSN 1240-12-140-9932)



About me:
- Located in Sarasota, FL.
- Not a collector.
- Not desperate to acquire the subject scope. It's neither "rare" nor the "holy grail."
- Intimately familiar with the dealer and retail prices and auctions winning bids of these scopes from 1978 until the present not only in the U.S. but throughout Europe as well. I understand the law of supply and demand.
- I prefer to pay via Wells Fargo Money Order/Cashier's Check within five (5) business days or Cash (if face-to-face).
- You can read the 100% positive online feedback I received since 2001 as a Seller and a Buyer on FAL Files, AK Files, Arfcom, and Calguns under the username Yahamshari. My reputation is more valuable than money.

Those (in the U.S. onlywho have either a Karl Kaps or Hensoldt ZF 4x24 Mod.1 riflescope for sale can let me know what is included in the package, cosmetic and mechanical condition, whether it’s unissued/like new, and what is their asking price. I will not negotiate. I will check out the texted or emailed pictures, evaluate what is being offered, then decide whether I will take it or respectfully pass on it.


At this time, I am not in the market for other riflescopes such as:
. Schmidt & Bender 4x25 (I am no longer a fan of S&B's reticle 1 or 4 or 6)
. Steiner 4x24 (NSN 1240-12-144-0714) - Green
. Hensoldt ZF4 4x28 (NSN 12-120-9556)
. Hensoldt ZF 4x24 Mod.1 (NSN 1240-12-144-0714) - Green
. Hensoldt ZF 4x24 Mod.2 (NSN 1240-12-179-7120)
. Hensoldt FERO - Z24 4x24 (NSN 1240-12-197-5192)


This WTB post is cross-listed on HKPRO, HK ProShop, Armslist, FAL Files, AK Files, Calguns, Arfcom, FN Forum, Rokslide, and High Power Collectors.


The following images are for reference only.









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