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M-60 M60 Transferable with Extras -DEAL PENDING


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Transferable M-60 with:
-FOUR!!! Extra barrel assemblies with 
-Foreign military vehicle mount and 
custom stand.
-Spade Grip and shoulder stock set-ups

-Aircraft and Standard Rear Sight
-2 spare bolts and 1 spare op-rod
-Many thousands of links (approx 7-10 
-9 extra firing pins and other small 
-Buyer has first option on 10,000 
rounds of surplus military 
.308, much of it linked, at $0.40 per 

I am listing this for a friend that is 
a former SOT selling his personal 
transferable machine guns. 
The transaction (payments and 
transfer) will be directly with the 
current owner.
Paperwork lists manufacturer as 
"Central Kentucky Arms". Paperwork 
also says "RE-MFG.SPRINGFIELD" under 
additional description.

Asking $36,000 + Shipping and Insurance  (Surplus ammo is additional cost and buyer would need to pick up or arrange transport of ammo)
Email: ray (at) wwiifirearms.com

nfafirearms.27266.9 (1).jpg

A540CA62-841B-42B5-BA3A-5549B85C483E (Small).jpg

nfafirearms.27266.11 (1).jpg

5B98E927-D817-45E4-87C4-3DFE02E6C356 (Medium) (Small).jpg

A540CA62-841B-42B5-BA3A-5549B85C483E (Small).jpg

684611BA-1E52-4218-90EA-D3EC25837589 (Small).jpg

nfafirearms.27266.9 (1).jpg


7D55646D-ADE3-4D6F-9134-C985E09CB638 (Medium) (Small).jpg

994D9CC3-4FD0-413E-BA36-284EF900E8C7 (Medium) (Small).jpg

9739C7F2-1667-4275-8B72-9E2A7A11C392 (Medium) (Small).jpg

38185E95-3550-4017-AD0C-784A88234641 (Medium) (Small).jpg

38185E95-3550-4017-AD0C-784A88234641 (Small).jpg

211255FB-0828-472C-A9F9-17B12DEDC3C5 (Medium) (Small).jpg

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