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transferable M2HB(Ramo), Xm-177 E2(m16 Frankford), and HK Sear(Flemming)

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I have a business opportunity that came up, I'd like to entertain selling the following machine guns, all on a form 4, shipping paid or delivery if in AZ, stamps to your dealer paid.


Full auto RAMO M2HB 50BMG, rest of gun was made by AC Delco. 

Stand up tripod with armor plate (new production by Rich at Beltfed Shooter Mounts)

M63 Anti Aircraft Low mount

SUREFIRE Hell fighter light/rail/cables/case accessories

200rd tombstone drum, 3 of these www2 vintage, with 1 crank handle

Feed chute

10rd Linker




HK Flemming Sear (safe, semi, auto), inside a Springfield Sar8(HK51)  .308 with a 8.5in barrel, loud and big fireball...very fun to shoot)

also comes with the following hosts set up to run with the sear:

1) MM23E(Michael's machines) belt fed 5.56 with a Trijicon ACOG 6x48  shoots like a dream, tons of fun, tons of looks, big, heavy, built like a tank

2) Mp5-SF manufactured by IGF(investment Grade Firearms) then SBR'd by previous owner under his trust name(additional stamp, runs great as machine gun, semi, or binary)

3) PTR-32 7.62x39 PDW, has a collapsable stock for it when sear is installed, must be pistol/pdw config when sear removed, good cheap shooter, steel case ammo works fine!

4) accessories and parts to include links, m249 SAW nutsacks/adapter, lots of mags, semi auto bolt for PTR,  couple spare stocks, optics mounts, forends, German military G3 .308 to .22lr conversion kit, was going to modify to work with the Sar8 but never got around to it.

$75,000  SOLD



Frankford Arsenal xm-177 E2  M16 (safe, semi, auto)

set up as a belt fed 22lr with Lakeside Razorback 22lr upper and KNS spade grip

Geissele Automatics Super Select Fire trigger installed

KNS anti walk pins

PWS Enhanced buffer tube

spare parts, links, belts, bipod, vortex red dot sight

10" 5.56 DI carry handle CAR style upper



ACH, WIRE, or Cash 

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Update for item sold
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