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WTK: 10/22 select fire trigger group &bolt

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On 1/27/2024 at 2:06 AM, eMGunslinger said:

I’ve made or fixed parts for several hundred transferable or post sample 10/22’s. Most of them I do I make open bolt with how easy and reliable they are. 

Are your 10//22 conversions to open bolt select-fire -or- full-auto only?  ROF?  Just curious.

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15 hours ago, AZAtty480 said:

Is anyone making spare parts for the Norrell Trigger packs these days?  It would be great to get a spare bolt.  

Parts for those aren't really drop in so even if you had a spare the gun would probably need to be tuned and fitted. Bolts are very hard and I have never seen one fail.

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and reliable running bulk shit box ammo?  I’ve messed w full auto 22lr for 25 years off and on…m16, ceiner, m231 modded kit, Rick khuel upper, lage m11 kit, etc. I’ve never had one go more than 75rds without some issue unless I shoot cci stingers.

at that price point might as well just shoot 223. Now I have seen fa 22lr run and fa with a huge volume can…AWESOME! Just never for me….EVER…Especially when it’s some box of 500 blazer or Remington bucket stuff. Chicken blood, eye of newt, oil made from rendered fat?

im an 07/sot. I’d LOVE to actually have a functioning fa 10/22. How can we make that happen?


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