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Transferable UZI (full size w/ stock) + original extra mags [SOLD]

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Our shop is parting with a beautiful piece of local history.


Several years ago the author ran an indoor range, and purchased several Title IIs as rental pieces.  This gun was originally purchased from the son of its original pre-86 owner who lived in Iowa.  When we got it we decided it was too nice to beat up as a rental piece and the owner kept it as a personal toy for a couple years until selling it to one of our regular customers on a Form 4.  Fast forward several years and two new locations and it walked back in the doors!  The same customer is buying a house and sold it back to us, looking just like when I last saw it.  He claims he added a whopping 250 rounds to its lifetime count, and I believe him.  Even the extra mags don't look like they have any more wear.  Beautifully taken care of!  Of course we went and shot a couple mags through it, and it still runs like a top too.


Original markings intact.  The makers marks are at the top edge of the receiver right under where the dust cover snaps down.  More pics and details available on request - 785 321 3202


Asking $16K OBO.  We're a Class III dealer so shipping for transfer on a Form 3 to your local dealer is no problem.  Hope you're all having a great year!  This is my first time offering any high speed stuff since subguns closed down.





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