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Wanted To Know Value of Deactivated MP-38


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We just sold a Steyr MP40 on Gunbroker last week for a customer. I was contacted by someone who saw my listing and was wanting to know if we could help him sell a MP-38 that he has. He stated that the barrel chamber was completely welded shut but everything else on the gun works. The bolt face itself has not been messed with. In his words, all someone has to do is swap barrels and it is ready to go. The first thing I asked was if there was any kind of paperwork and I explained to him what a "Dewat" was and he then stated that he was told that when he got it that there was no paperwork. ( It has passed through many hands and most are dead ) I am thinking that this is most likely a deactivated gun instead. All of the numbers are matching on the gun. The fellow has been offered good money for the "lower" from one guy and the "tube" from another but he doesn't want to "break it up". He feels very strongly that it should be kept intact so I told him that no one is going to pay a ton for a "wall hanger" and that it would be of most value to a manufacturer who could make a post sample machinegun out of it. He also would like to know that it has been brought back to life legally versus broken up for parts. If I get this, I will certainly see if the ATF has any record of this being a Dewat but for the sake of this conversation lets just see what you all think it is worth and more importantly what he could reasonably expect to get for it as a deactivated gun. He and I have differing opinions as to the value and I told him I would make a post asking this question and we could see what the "experts" come up with and then we'll take it from there. 

Thanks, Delta-10






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I can’t speak to the value, but if it’s an authentic gun that’s barrel has just been welded shut and there’s no dewat papers it’s an unregistered MG (even then you should have a lawyer contact ATF and see if they have anything in there system).


If they can’t find anything, your options are A. The obvious option for legal reasons I can’t recommend. B. Pull everything but the receiver and torch the receiver. Or C. I may have two local governmental museums that would probably be interested in taking it via a form 10. (It which case it might even be shot once a year at it’s yearly drill). 

With regards-Mathew

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