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WTS: Ingram M6 Police Model .45 ACP submachine gun w/ Case


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M6_03 sm.jpg

Ingram M6 Police Model .45 ACP submachine gun with rare Police Ordnance case $8495.00 SOLD

This gun is in excellent shape and it comes with 3 original magazines, a modified Thompson magazine (not shown), cleaning rod, and rare Police Ordnance Co. case (only about 20 cases were made). Price includes insured shipping to FFL/SOT. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Note: This gun is from my personal collection and was not transferred to my 07 FFL when the SOT on my 01 ran out. I am paying the SOT again on my 01, so I can transfer on Form 3 at the end of the month.  It can transfer now on form 4 to non-SOT SC residents or for any SOT not wanting to wait a few weeks for me to submit form 3 and willing to pay the $200 tax.





(864) 430-4286 mobile   


A Little History:

Gordon Ingram designed his first prototype submachine gun during late 1940s; soon after his first prototype he produced next design, known as Model 6

The Ingram Model 6 Submachine Gun was manufactured by the Police Ordnance Company in California, with the very first models made in El Monte, and subsequently, Los Angeles. Available references on the subject, which are listed on this page, indicate the company operated from 1948 to 1952, and saw some short-lived commercial success. Gordon Ingram was the designer, and his submachine gun designs later progressed into the MAC series of firearms. The Model 6 can be mistaken at a glance for a Thompson, particularly the Model 6 Police Model, which features a vertical foregrip. The main difference is that the Model 6 has a tubular receiver, and a sheet metal lower housing. The weapon was cheap to manufacture, and filled a niche for a new, easily procurable, inexpensive police submachine gun. In total, approximately 10,000 Model 6's were made between the Los Angeles and Peruvian manufacturing operations, with about 2000 made in L.A., and 8,000 in Peru. Police Ordnance Company inaccurately inflated their published production number of the Model 6 to 15,000 units. The Peruvian government was granted a license to manufacture the weapon for use by their military, and guns produced in Peru have a Peruvian crest roll marked on top of the receiver. Many of the US produced M6s were sold to Peru before production was established there. The weapon also reportedly saw service in Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Thailand.

A very unique and desirable feature of the Model 6 is its progressive trigger, which produces semi-automatic fire with a short pull, and full automatic fire as the trigger is pulled further. The VERY early "Police" M6 and ALL "Military" models had progressive triggers, but no selectors. The selector, when in semi position, prevents the progressive trigger from engaging the full-auto mode.

Ingram M6 multi 01.jpg

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