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ULTRA RARE Civilian Transferable Penn Arms 40mm Rotary Grenade Launcher - AS NEW Condition - LAST ONE


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This is the nicest of the incredibly rare Penn Arms GL6-40 wind up 6-barrel rotary 40mm launchers we have seen - in almost new condition. It is exceedingly rare to find these on the market at all, let alone in this condition. Expect a few minor rubs and scratches. This is fully transferable to civilians but not sold outside of military/LE channels and thus rarely ever seen on the civilian market. This is in stock and will transfer on a eForm 3 upon clearance of payment. This is cross-posted.

Priced at $6,450 shipped via overnight shipping. Sales tax charged to GA and AL. Payment is via wire transfer (preferred) or bank/cashier's check only for this launcher.

What do I shoot in these?
Common loads are 40mm chalk rounds and "beehive" inserts allowing up to 18 rounds of 22 LR to be fired at one time, or 4 rounds of .410 gauge. Yes, chalk rounds are still legal! The chalk round without the .38 S&W blank installed is an inert, unregulated item and the blank is shipped the same as normal ammo. You are legally allowed to insert the blank and then fire the round, the same as mixing a binary explosive like Tannerite. Once the blank is inserted, the round needs to be fired - it cannot be transported or stored like this.

What is the transfer process?
These 40mm launchers are classified as a destructive device, and will transfer on a Form 4 to you with payment of the $200 tax stamp. If you are in AL, we can transfer this to you at our Huntsville location, or if in GA, at our Marietta location, or ship to a dealer near you. The ATF allows any FFL with SOT to transfer a limited number of destructive devices each year but not all know this or feel comfortable doing so. We will work with the purchaser to find a dealer in your state willing to transfer the launcher to you.










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Updated pics - last launcher
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