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Good evening, Ladies and Gents.

I have some NFA items from an estate that I am handling for the family as well as items that I have manufactured. All NFA rules apply. I am a 07 FFL as well as a class 2 SOT.

THE SPITFIRE SOLD FOR 4000  THE american 180 sold for 9500    S&W 76 sold for 15000


                                                     The below items are all pre 1986 and transferable.

Re-Listed Military Armament Corp M11 .380, barrel extension and several mags. I have test fired it. Other than that it is new in the box.  $10,000 Sold

5. Ruger MK 2 blue finish with an integral Silencer/suppressor, with sub-sonics it is extremely quiet. The suppressor is a Ceiner.  $900 sold

6. Walther PPKS blued finish with a screw on Ceiner can. $800

7. I have numerous aluminum .22 cans $300 each, a Black Stainless .22 can $400. 2 30 cal Stainless cans $850 each, Some 30 cal titanium cans $800 each. 9MM 1/2X28 can. $500.

a .45ACP can $500.

I will have 2 post M16 Style MG's coming in in the next few days. $1,000 each, these are not stamped M16.

I will have several more cans to add to the list in the next few days. I am located in Millersburg, Ohio. If you wish to inspect these items, please feel free to contact me to inspect them.

Nick  Phone 330-390-0021  email: nickmull@yahoo.com

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