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WTS: NFA items in NC

Phil in Asheville NC

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For sale: Direct form 4 to NC residents:

Sterling MK6/L2A3 w/3 sterling roller mags: ...$19,900
MAC M10-45 w/suppressor (2 stamp transfer) 7 mags and spare .45 Upper &9mm Conversion w/2 mags ...$12,000

M1 THOMPSON .45 built by RW Urich. w/ GI sling & canvas case 2 20 rd & 4 30 rd mags ...$30,000

S&H HK Sear installed in HK33/93A2 (16" bbl. sear is unmarried to the weapon) w/it factory folding bipod, 1 20 rd, 1 25 rd & 2 40 rd mags.....$45,000


The S&H sear has been sold....thanks all:

RARE: Transferable Beretta BM59 Nigerian model by Springfield Armory w/3 20 rd mags: $18,000

MAC M10A1A 9mm & .45 NEW in Box: ....$12,000

Dead Air MASK22 MASK-HD .22 silencer, 1/2x28 direct thread new in box: ...$400.00

Thunder Beast Arms Corp. (TBAC) Ultra -7 .30 cal CB Gen 2. FDE color. New in box, no CB Brake or flash hider, ...$1000

Hi-TEC TPM Outfitters TPM SD 12" HP5SD silencer, direct thread HK MP5SD silencer. New in box ...$600

Contact: Phil @ phil@pfcustom.com
Edited by Phil in Asheville NC
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