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This is a Hanel made, Curio and Relics (FORM 4) 1945 dated, StG 44. It has never been cut drilled or welded. The receiver, trigger group, and stock all match. Op rod and bolt do not match. Starting with Germany, I am the 5th owner and I have owned it since 2001. Included with the rifle is ONE very rare, StG marked original magazine. 

The non matching bolt with the rifle has a broken lifting lug so a brand new, stripped, US manufactured, properly heat treated full auto bolt is included. This will need to fitted by a competent gunsmith familiar with NFA weapons. My NFA guy passed away so I have not had it fitted.

Included bits and pieces: 1 ejector, 1 mag floorplate (both original), disassembly tool and stripper guide (both new). A decent set of reproduction magazine pouches patterned after originals are included. I also have 3 or 4, 15 round boxes of original WWII, German manufacture, 7.92x33mm I will ship separately. 

The C&R StG 44 is the top of the pyramyd for serious collectors. This one is waiting to become the crown jewel in you collection. Everybody says they want one so here is your chance, do not let this opportunity pass you by

Currently appraised for my insurance with a replacement value of $58,000 I am pricing it at $49,999 FIRM.Payment by wire transfer only. I hold the item until the BATF Form 4 transfer is complete.

Please bear in mind, I do not need to sell it, I want to sell it to fund another project. No trades, no time wasters.


STG 6.jpg

STG 7.jpg

STG 8.jpg

STG 9.jpg

STG 10.jpg

STG 11.jpg

STG 12.jpg

STG 13.jpg

STG 14.jpg

STG 15.jpg

STG 16.jpg

STG 17.jpg

STG 18.jpg

STG 19.jpg

STG 20.jpg

STG 1.jpg

STG 2.jpg

STG 3.jpg

STG 4.jpg

STG 5.jpg

Missed payment detail
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