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HK Post Sample Trade-in's and More!


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I have two rare Heckler & Koch G3 post sample machine guns available. They are in good condition and 7.62x51mm is the caliber. These will transfer on a form 5. Price is $2,400.00 each. These require law letter and will not be cut for parts kits.

I just got several HK UMP45's traded in. They are 
$1295.00 each. They are in good condition. Come with one mag. They require LE letter. They have the 2rd burst lower but I can get you a brand new Navy Lower for $225.00 if your interested. These are available to be cut for parts kits but you must buy a minimum of 5 guns.

These won't last long so please contact me if you 
interested. I have included a list of others I have available currently.

Other Guns
Romanian RPK - $1500.00
MG15 (reman)- $2500.00
Reman. Beretta AR70 - $1700.00
Jap 98 - $1800.00
HK UMP 40 - $1695.00
HK MP5/40- $2500.00 (A3 stock, 4 pos. trigger)
HK G36E- $1600.00

HK G36C - $3100.00
FN F2000 - $2000.00

Any new FN machine gun- email for quote (if serious 

Silencers (Hard to Find):
B&T US MP7 Silencer(NIB)- $1500.00
(Used) Gemtech UMP 45 Silencer- $599.00

Colt M16A2 (burst marked but set up full auto) - 
$29,999.00 - beautiful gun!

If you would like to be added to my exclusive dealer list to get updates about incoming guns before anyone else send me an email at jpowers8340@sbcglobal.net
Call or text 580-695-8340 if you have any questions or orders.

Email us if you have a specific request for a certain 
machine gun.

We also buy Transferable machine guns, pre may 
machine guns, and post dealer sample machine guns so please let us know what you have. Or any other PD trade such as optics, magazines, or other NFA item.

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