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WTS: Pre-sample German MP40 $14,000

Bill in Bama

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I ended up with two MP40's as I bid on two and unexpectedly won both.  So this one is up for sale, nice example of the ubiquitous MP40 that is the star of every WWII movie involving German soldiers (they all seem to carry them in the movies, right?).  BZ 42 (Steyr) with all matching but the recoil tube.  Yes, the bolt matches but not the firing pin.  Some other small parts may not match as well, I didn't do a full inspection. Sling appears to be original but I can't be cerrain.  I can send more pics to anyone seriously considering, and I don't know why the closeup of the receiver is upside down, it appears rightside up in my files but no amount of work on my part can get it changed.  $14,000 plus actual shipping, E-filed Form 3 of course.

MP40 bnz.JPG

MP40 3.JPG

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