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WTB MK 760

arch stanton

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Hello Joe...I'm John in Okla..I have a MK760 that I might consider selling..It has several add ons that I think make it a much nicer gun, to include a forward hand grip, a picanny rail with a Fastfire red dot site, and a custom Thompson type stock in place of the hack saw looking folding stock.[ I have the folding stock]. I also have about 7 or 8 mags.The gun is in excellent condition..It is on a form 4....With all of the add ons, I would have to have $6600 and you pay the transfer taxes and shipping...I will not want to try selling the gun with and the add ons separately...If you are interested, I can send pictures to your email..Mine is johnedwardsnospam7864@sbcglobal.net..Remove nospam..Thanks       PS..I don't know how to post pictures to this site..

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I have a new one in original box.    A Panama City, FL gun.  New and Unfired!!!    SOB won't hunt!     It is in Nick Hope's shop right now at Rock Creek Gun Service in Bessemer, Alabama.  These guns and the Stemples were simply built and mis-built in most cases.  Magazine well is at the wrong angle to feed…will have to be modified to work.  Once they are fixed, they are great guns…  

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