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WTS: Sterling MK5 (L34A1) – DLO/Andrewski/KGB Armament


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The host gun for this awesome MK5 transferable 9mm SMG was built on a virgin DLO tube by John Andrewski and the suppressor and finishing touches were added by KGB Armament.  For MK5 suppressors, KGB is considered one of the best as they build the closest thing to a factory MK5 available on the market. The exterior of a KGB MK5 is absolutely indistinguishable from a factory MK5 (except for the DLO Sterling tube markings), right down to details like the length that the end cap hex screws protrude out the muzzle end of the gun. KGB also upgrades the internals to produce a more reliable, cleaner running, and quieter weapon than the factory MK5. Another very desirable feature of KGB's suppressor design is that it can be easily disassembled by the user for cleaning.  KGB recommends field-stripping and cleaning the suppressor every 1500 rounds and has produced a good video with instructions for the disassembly and cleaning of their suppressor. The ported barrel of this MK5 was optimized to reduce the velocity of standard 115/124 grain 9mm ammo from supersonic to subsonic levels, thus eliminating sonic crack for ultra quiet operation.  KGB can also make barrels for its customers which are ported to ensure the proper function of their MK5s with heavier grain ammo, if desired.

A quote from Uzitalk.com by KGB’s Andy Blaschik about their MK5 suppressors: “Every part that is forward of the mag well is a custom machined part that is done one at a time, on a mill or a lathe by a real person, not a CNC machine. The art that Andrewski and my machinist (at 60+ years) hold will become a thing of the past. The only thing that is factory is the sight and the sight protector. You do not need one MK5 factory part for a build. We duplicate everything that is needed except the front wood grip itself. We do several things different when it comes to the suppressor. 1) An internal sleeve to keep gasses and carbon from the outer tube that is integral with the suppressor bushings (all one piece) 2) front sight block that holds 3 baffles and creates the forward expansion chamber look and ring. 3) Crimped rings (2) around the center of the suppressor tube where the sling mount attaches. 4) take down Allen nut near the forward expansion chamber”.

The Sterling MK5 is one of the quietest and most reliable integrally suppressed submachine guns ever produced (many claim it is even quieter and softer shooting than the esteemed MP5SD, even though the MK5 fires from an open bolt).  The MK5 (British military designation L34A1) was one of the first submachine guns designed specifically for covert use by using a ported barrel and an integral suppressor. The MK5 wasn't originally intended to be fired enough to get very hot, therefore, the British Army deemed it unnecessary to use an insulated foregrip. Wooden foregrips were unique to commercial and export models of the MK5.

Scope studs were added to this MK5 during the build to accommodate the use of optics. The gun comes with a new wooden foregrip, which wasn’t installed (at customer’s request to keep the gun in the same configuration as originally issued to the British Army), and 8 like-new condition 34rd magazines in 2 Australian canvas mag pouches (only 4 mags and one pouch pictured). The gun is in excellent overall condition (less than 500 rounds fired) and runs flawlessly. The Trijicon red dot sight shown in some of the pictures is not included in the sale, but the custom stud mount base (Trijicon compatible) is, along with a custom Picatinny rail made by Andrewski that mounts on top of the two scope studs. Please send PM with any questions or request for additional pictures.

This is a 2 Stamp gun, one for the Suppressor (KGB), and one for the SMG (DLO). The last 4 digits of the SMG, Suppressor, and Magazine Block's serial numbers match (“80 014X”, “014X”, and "014X"). Both are on Form 4s in Texas. Buyer to pay transfer stamps, shipping and insurance. Price is $35,000.

For information purposes, the last paper Form 4 from an individual to a dealer I did was submitted on 10/04/2023, approved on 11/16/2023, and received in the mail on 11/27/2023.































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