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Machine gun and parts for sale.


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For sale, in stock:

1-Swedish 1921 BAR, simply beautiful, calibre 6.5 Swede.$29,995-on Form 3, can efile.

2-Extra BAR barrel, 30-06, available to purchaser of BAR above, $995.00

3-PreMay MG34, Israeli surplus, 792x57, with Israeli type bipod, mixed numbers,used by the Israelis, $9995.00-Form 3, can efile-SOLD

4-Original German MG34 Lafette tripod, good condition, ex Egyptian Army, available to buyer of MG34, $4995.00-SOLD

5-Lahti L39 20mm semiauto cannon, in coffin with extra mags,muzzle brake, ski,tool set, etc.$9995.00-originally bought on Form 4

6-80 rounds original ammo for above,plus a few empties,available to buyer of Lahti, $4995.00


Slide for STAR MD machine pistol,with switch,used,maybe abused,ex Central America,$499.95

DISA tripod for 1919 WITH cradle for MG42, no pintle, can be used in both guns, $995.00

Long FAL flashider,$49.95

B&T Shoulder stocks for STEYR SSP, installation subject to NFA rules, $249.96

Spanish 88mm bazooka, deactivated, with optics, ex Chile,$995.00

AR10 Portuguese model ALUMINUM furniture-handguards,pistol grip and buttstock,H/G appear unissued, other parts painted brown and used,came with a batch of AR10 parts years ago,believe these were made by Portuguese Army when the fiberglass ones broke in jungle fighting in Africa.$799.95

AR10 buttplates, newly cast rubber,for Portuguese model, $99.95

Bosnian AK mags,rare,$149.95-

Madsen 50 9mm magazines, good $49.95SOLD

Swedish K stick mags, as new,$59.95

Promag AK 30 rd.mags for WASR ,223 rifles, 3 new in wrapper, one unwrapped, all 4 $49.95

EXTREMELY RARE original CETME long mags, these hold between 27-30 rounds (guess some springs are weaper than others), ex DR,longer than 20 rd mags,$199.95

FN-D barrel with gas block, calibre 7,92x57, good,$299.95

Thompson barrel removal tool, with clamps,well made $149.95SOLD

MP34 9mmP mags, 3 in leather pouch,$149.95SOLD


2 black plastic Walther PP/PPK boxes,$19.95 each

3 original factory boxes for Polish P-83 Wanad 9mmM pistols,$29.95 each

Shoulder stock, used,for FN 1903 slotted pistol, with iron $1495.00SOLD

Brownell's jig and tool to remove barrels from Mauser large ring actions (like Steyr M1912 weapons), as new, a substantial set, solid steel.$199.95

New,original extractors for ASTRA broomhandles, series 900-901=903=904=F. $49.95 each.

Everything available at time of ad.

Thanks for looking!








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