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WTS: Rare books, Cox Thompson book, Firearms ID book set, MG34 Dummy gun


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We have the following for sale:

Roger Cox Thompson submachinegun book $140SOLD  Will Include Chris Ellis book  The Thompson Submachine gun for SOLD.

Firearms Identification J. Howard Mathews complete 3 volume set.  The definitive work on firearm ballistics/testing/ identification.  LONG out of print with few copies printed.  The three volume set is $180SOLD.  I do have another set of the first two volumes for $120

Guns of Dagenham.  Collector grade, out of print.  If you have a Lanchester up to a sterling....this is THE book.   $$$$SOLD

MG34 Dummy gun   SOLD$2000 SOLD  See our other ad for the real deal transferable if the dummy gun won't satisfy your needs.  Optics also available.



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Adding pics of the MG34.   Matching barrel jacket and top cover.  Torch cut receiver welded back together (not that well I might add).   There is a barrel, but I can't twist off the jacket to check it out, but I'm sure it's a decent barrel.   Flash hider and booster cone.  Trigger internals are missing.  Receiver pieces are getting tough to find these days and may no longer be importable?

Open to odd gun or accessory trades?  Could use a Yamaha R1 or other 150+hp super bike?  Mercury HP500 or HP525 engine





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