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i have 7.62 x 54r ammo to sell.

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i view 54R as a cheaper shooting version of 308.

ie... 308s beltfeds like 1919 get converted to 54R in order to shoot more cheaply. No other  reason, price of operation only.

These are your bulk 54R buyers IMO. My discussion is confined to such and not say low volume semi shooters, etc.

308 is "better" bc its typically not corrosive where that russian/uke 54R stuff generally is...and isn't reloadable.

I say this to mean it should price less than Tula steel 308 in my book....coming from a functional practical standpoint.

Recently the gap bt cheap 308 and 54R has narrowed significantly.

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Edit, just re-read your post and saw it is heavy ball. I'm not sure what premium heavy ball commands, if any, but here is my take on light ball which I buy a good bit of:


Assuming it is all light ball in good condition, no rust, etc, here is my opinion:

Fast sell - 40 cents a round

Fair price - 50 cents a round

Sit on it awhile - 60 cents a round

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