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MG08 kit, complete.


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MG08 kit; 1917 Spandau Mfg.; complete with all small parts; trunnion dovetails; water drain valve; excellent original, left sideplate; matching parts are water jacket, recoil plates, topcover, grip frame, oiler caps; grip frame has mis-matched butterfly trigger and safety release; trigger bar included (missed pics); most parts in excellent condition including bore with excellent rifling; jacket has soldered seam forward of trunnion and two small dents on left forward top; grip wood is worn with dings but solid, no cracks; $3750.00/offers

Buyer pays SH&I

image.thumb.jpg.eb18120a013320bc3af8a25e27e065cb.jpgimage.thumb.jpg.48c8f48ec57aa6528f65a3cf89dd7586.jpgimage.thumb.jpg.5dd12a5c9c596efc983aab887e880ea0.jpgimage.thumb.jpg.0d3dca10e1a7d91a78f2725b4f3bb1de.jpg l

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