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What does the market need, or want

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Would be interesting to hear your ideas of what new products  the firearms enthusiast would like to see.  Yes, cheaper ammo would be the highest priority but the days of cheap surplus will never return, most likely. How about an accessory for a popular gun, any new semi auto version of a machine gun, a new handgun, what features should it have?  You get the idea,   what would the market like to see? 

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Belt fed M11/nine upper in 5.56 for between $3,000-$6,000.

Max 11/15 uppers sell for $3,000 and FightLite MCR060 Belt Fed Upper for the AR-15/M16 sells for almost double that. 

You would have an open bolt equivalent to the M249 that is transferable and affordable.


I know I would buy one.


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We really don't need any more hardware.  What we do need is for the big sales sites: Armslist, GunBroker et al to exercise tighter identity control so that they have verified names and IP addresses on every single advertiser and follow up more aggressively with law enforcement than they currently seem to  They will never put an end to scammers but they could surely make life a lot harder for them

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