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1919 Browning belt fed for sale (semi)

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I have this fine gun from the Merle Bitikofer estate.  

Feel free to contact me with any questions. danblockstocks@gmail.com 

For sale is a 1919A4 belt-fed Browning-style rifle, configured in 7.62x51 NATO (.308 Winchester).  This is the semi-automatic version of the 1919A4 light machine gun, so no special tax stamp is required.  It was produced by U.S. Ordnance in Sparks, Nevada, using a combination of U.S.-made and Israeli parts.  Several key accessories are included:

  1. A trunnion shield to avoid damage to the trunnion when firing linked ammunition rather than the cloth belts originally designed for the machine gun.
  2. A trigger crank mechanism designed and manufactured by Merle Bitikofer of Oregon.A trigger crank mechanism designed and manufactured by Merle Bitikofer of Oregon.

There are accessories i will offer first to the buyer, including a cloth belt loader and linker, and links, M2 tripod , and T&E mechanism.  But just offering the gun here first.  Asking $4500.20230704_151940.thumb.jpg.27a4e7568142d6c6a5bbce02bfaad526.jpg20230704_151914.thumb.jpg.13f3bbe1caf4b2ca207451d40df63beb.jpg20230704_151946.thumb.jpg.48e699cc7c5caa35a6a2baf14e698665.jpg20230629_151858.thumb.jpg.5c5a2f318ff4db75e88ab53596f72656.jpg20230629_151627.thumb.jpg.8de5a0e3305cb5e5ed863cd407c53248.jpg

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1 hour ago, deerslayer said:

Here is the belt loading machine.  Im not selling separately unless the gun buyer does not wish to purchase.  Thanks for your inquiry.

I call first dibs on it if the buyer doesn't want it 

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