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USPS Priority mail money Saving Tip

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PUBLIC Service Announcement …… I see a LOT of guys charging too much for shipping small items lately……

this message is for those guys ….
Buyers feel free to …. “ remind them “


Money Saving USPS Mailing Info.     
UPDATED 6.20.23 

Hey guys ..... want to send US Priority Mail packages MUCH CHEAPER ?

Here's how ........ Use US Postal Flat Rate Padded Envelopes .... 

Have something that will Not fit the Small Flat Rate Priority Box  ?   [ $10.20 ]
Well ..... if it will fit in the Flat Rate Padded Envelope the price is  ONLY  $10.40 !!! 

Need extra padding ? …. Place small item in a padded envelope …. Roll it up and insert it inside another padded envelope …seal and ship 

FYI ..... a 4 Cell AK mag pouch with 4 mags ..... Almost 4 pounds .....WILL FIT in the Flat Rate Padded Envelope ......
Translation > you can mail the mag pouch with 4 AK mags for $10.40  .... [ instead of the Medium Flat Rate box $17.10 ] 

You SAVE $6 !! 

Go to the USPS website ......   USPS.com  >  Free Shipping Supplies
to order ......... Flat Rate Padded Envelopes  
They will mail supplies to you for FREE ..... with a 4/5 day delivery to you .


Pass the savings on to you Customer !




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Agree 100% with Buddy on the Flat-Rate Padded Envelope.  Lots of things fit inside the padded envelope that won't go into the Small Flat-Rate Box and they are virtually the same price.

I would add one other, to Buddy's suggestion, instead of using the USPS website to generate your shipping label, use Pirate Ship.  Go to pirateship.com and set up a free account to enjoy a discount off the USPS rates and a much easier site to navigate / use.  For example...the Flat-Rate Padded envelope label is $8.30 with Pirate Ship vs $10.40  for USPS "Click & Ship."

As Buddy points out...go to the USPS website to get your free shipping supplies.

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BTW use pirateship.com. They have the best prices for shipping. I have a buddy who works in a large shipping company (not pirateship) and he even told me that Pirate Ship is lower cost than his company can manage. 

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