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MAC10/9 Police - Factory Blued -SPF-


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For sale is a factory blued MAC M10/9 that is privately owned in Alabama.

This gun appears to have been blued from the factory based on the finish in the magazine well and internals matching the rest of the gun. Includes a ~15 round magazine that is blued as well that appears to be an original magazine to the gun.

Based on our research, this is likely one of the early MAC produced "Police" model guns. The serial number is in the 2-2000XXX range, making it in the same era as one example I was able to find of a "Police" model. 

This gun is unique in having the standard rear sight on the frame replaced by a dovetail mounted M1 Carbine rear sight attached to the upper. The sight in in a dovetail adapter welded to the upper of the gun, and appears to have been welded on prior to the current blued finish being applied. We do not have information on whether this is the original sight or if the gun was reblued.

The blued finish did not wear as well as the parkerized finishes did, and the gun shows surface finish wear. The metal underneath is still in good shape, but the finish is worn in on the corners and areas that would have rubbed in a case. Gun is used, but internals are in good shape with little wear.

Includes three 32 round magazines, two Cobray steel magazines and one Steyr MPL magazine in green magazine carrier

Asking $11,250  -SPF-  for this rare version of the M10/9, plus first stamp. Open to offers

Feel free to PM or post with any questions





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Reduced price
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On 11/25/2023 at 8:01 AM, GK8041 said:

Has the M10 been test fired with any/all the included mags?

Includes three 32 round magazines, two Cobray steel magazines and one Steyr MPL magazine in green magazine carrier

Can you post pics of the additional accessories. Thanks.

Please see attached pictures. I test fired all four magazines this evening with no failures. Gun operates correctly in semi and full auto

EDIT- One magazine that was stated as a MPL magazine may not be, but is marked MP 9MM as shown, with the Cobray stamping on the front. The short magazine appears to be a shortened version of this magazine. It is identifiable by the folded rib down the length of the magazine.


Pouch appears to be a standard M3 greasegun mag pouch from the markings.







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