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WTS Colt Thompson #5662 sold Secretary of the Treasury

arch stanton

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Colt Thompson #5662 sold. This gun was owned once by the United States Secretary of the Treasury William Simon.

It is an excellent example of an investment grade gun, Swetnam case, NewYork drum, Patent date magazines and small parts kit. If you are a serious buyer I would recommend coming to look at it you will be impressed. Everything is original and correct to the gun, parts, case,drum and magazines upper and lower match buttstock has the anchor stamped into it. I do have the letter from William Simon on Treasury letter head stating he owned it along with original purchase receipts from the last owner. Not interested in trades.


If you are interested please use the messaging on the board or email I can send a phone number to call.







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Absolutely Beautiful Colt 1921... Using aversion therapy: each time I think about buying another Thompson I'll never shoot, I hit myself with a hammer. Seems to have failed in blunting my gun addiction - I still want it but must curb the hoarding at some point… Anyway, someone is going to be very pleased with that fine specimen.

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