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Sionics RPB M16 suppressor parts from 1972

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hey folks im slowly gettin rid of alot of my nfa items. These items are for sot's only. no civilians can purchase the parts at all. MUST SEND ME YOUR SOT BEFORE PURCHASE.

look at the pictures for the inventory list.

There are 6 100% complete sets. These only need tubes and assembly.

There are 6 80% complete sets. these need spacers and baffles and then tubes and assembly. For many SOT's out there these are very easily replicated parts. After you make these sets there is some more work involved in producing the cans. The hardest part to manufacture is the spiral baffle. There are 19 pairs total. i would say the next hardest part would be the barrel attachment piece which there are 12 of. I think RPB called it the barrel encapsulator.(the suppressor slides over the can and threads down approximately 4" past the top of the barrel. i have built and sold a couple at a fairly significant cost. the original finish was hot blued on these. If you want more picture or info please feel free to reach out. None of these parts/suppressors have been available for decades now. with my new business i dont have time to mess with it anymore at all. I would much rather see these get turned into suppressors for people to enjoy than hide away in my basement for another 30 plus years like they have with the last two dealers. Many of the carbon parts have very lite surface rust on them which can easily be cleaned off with either media blasting or laser rust removal done on them. Somewhere i have the technical schematic for these cans. If i can find it they will be included in the purchase price which will make replication of the missing parts incredibly easy. for more pics and info please send me a text or call. 404-809-0129 chris $6000 with free shipping or local pickup in georgia. 


**** Update!! The technical drawings will be included****** I just found them. you wull have all the dimensions to finish everything with out having to reverse engineer anything.









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