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Jap parts kit


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Have a friend with a Jap parts kit he wants to get rid of. I have no idea of the value/selling price. From what I gather it's the one with the shoulder stock. 96 or 99. It's complete other than receiver and breech block from what I was told. Will see in person in a week or two then list it here.

Thanks TGW          https://photos.app.goo.gl/E7fkR3JPmMdoJj3b8

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I have bought a number 99, 96 and type 11 kits in the past. All 3 have shoulder stocks.  A magazine included for 96 or 99 or a hopper for a type 11 makes a big difference in value.  Make sure all the bolt parts are with it, missing bolt parts on a type 11 are extremely hard to come by, easier on 96 and better on 99 from my experience. Scopes, any type of leather goods or canvas cases are valuable.  Just in case it has extras and if you are not aware. Good luck!


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I'll post pics here by the end of the weekend. Then you guys can fill me in on what my friend actually has. Was supposed to get it today but a small monsoon came through and kept him from coming down the mountain.

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