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WTS: Auto Ordinance Bridgeport Thompson Model US 1928A1

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This is a 1968 amnesty registered fully transferable 1928A1 Thompson.  The upper receiver is Bridgeport.  The lower receiver, barrel, and internals are all Savage.  The barrel has a weld mark on each side; I do not know if this was once a de-watt gun or not.  There is no evidence inside the upper receiver of this.  Just can't explain the weld marks.  The gun has also been refinished sometime in the past.  A WWII drum magazine is included.  There is pitting on the winding key.  Ten 20-round stick magazines are included also.  The magazine pouch pictured on the left is an original WWII magazine pouch.  The one pictured on the right is a reproduction.  Price is $25,500 shipped.  This will transfer out to your dealer on an e-form 3  *SOLD*












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The only reason I can think of that the barrel has two spot welds is that: either the nose of the receiver was a bit short, or the barrel mating surface was rebated too short. The barrel was screwed in and the headspace checked.  Fully seating the barrel set it too deep, so it was backed-off and properly head-spaced by tacking the barrel in place. If any Thompson RKI's have looked at this ......... I would appreciate input.

AOC was later to the 1928 production game than Savage, same with the M1 (which was proposed, developed and produced by Savage). I am also curious if the upper and lower numbers match? I have seen numerous USGI 1928's with mix/match parts. Very few 1928's, M1's or M1A1's have matching upper & lowers. I have a 1942 Savage with matching upper & lower, as well as all USGI markings....so go figure.....  

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Another reason the barrel could have been welded was it could have been a DEWAT gun that had a VERY easy to remove barrel plug (yes they did exist) and when the paperwork was done, the plug was simply popped out so no need for the barrel to be removed. 

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10 hours ago, Double Tap Firearms said:

Hello, even though the upper and lower are different manufacturers are the serial numbers the same? I have heard some of the receivers that were not finished by one company and we're by another company and could possibly have the same serial number. Thank you

The numbers on the upper and lower receivers do not match.  

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