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WTS MG08/15, M3A1 and M1928 Thompson.

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Erfurt Machine Gun MG08/15, Caliber 7.92x57mm, Serial No. 423b.  SOLD

 This classic WWI machine gun was made by Erfurt in 1918.  The gun has an original bi-pod, original seam hose with coupling, original WWI 250 rd. ammo can and drum and reel for the cloth ammunition belts.   The ammunition belts are three original cloth 250 round belt and one (maybe Vickers?) 250 round belts.  There is an original belt-loading machine.  Three spare barrels and complete spare bolt are also included with the gun.  A Belgium Browning machinegun tripod has been modified to mount the MG08/15.  The gun is in excellent condition.  Internal parts do not match.  Sometime during the guns life, it was rebuilt with parts from other guns so the serial numbers do not all match.  This gun is classed as C&R by the BATF  It comes with 5 – 900 rd. original unopened wooden crates of 8mm Portuguese ammo..  I’m asking $19K for this C&R classed gun and all accessories.


Thompson Sub-machine gun, Caliber .45 ACP,Serial No. 1815A.


This is one of the recent manufactured Thompson built in the 1980’s.  I had to heavily modify it to get it to function.  As it arrived from Numrich, it was a mess.  Quality control was not a word they had even heard!  The internal metal work on the receiver was horrible as milling machine marks were evident everywhere.  The upper and lower receiver had to be beaten apart because the rails were so rough.  I had to file the rails to get them smooth enough so that I could use a stone to finish the job.  The first time I fired the gun, the actuator knob hit me in the forehead.  The knob had been press fitted into the bolt.  (On the original Thompsons, the bolt actuator knob and bolt were one solid piece.)  Needless to say I am not a fan of Numrich produced firearms.  What I ended up doing was replacing all of the internal parts of the gun with a military parts kit.  The only parts that remain of the Numrich produced gun are the barrel with compensator, receiver with rear sight, and lower receiver.  When the rebuild was completed, I have not had another problem since then.  The left side receiver markings are, "US. Model 1928A No. 1815A Thompson Sub-machinegun Cal.45 M1".  The right side is marked, "Auto-Ordnance Corp.  West Hurley New York USA".  The Cutts compensator is marked with Bullet with Thompson inside of the bullet trademark.  The bore is shiny and the gun has 95% of its original finish.

 Included are four US military canvas pouches , filled with stick magazines.  Two pouches hold 20 rd. stick magazine, five mags per pouch and two pouches hold 30 rd. stick magazine, five mags per pouch.  Also included is a US military pouch, dated 1944 for a 50 rd. drum magazine which contains one 50 rd. original Auto-Ordnance drum magazine and one 100-rd. newly manufactured drum magazine serial No. 1025, with green nylon carrying case come with the gun.  Original Thompson butt stock well oiler, cleaning rod and a bag of small replacement parts of springs, etc. are also included.  Asking $25K for this C&R classed gun and all magazines and spare parts.

 Ithaca, M3A1, Caliber .45 ACP,Serial No. B-106.   SOLD

 This all stamped mass produced sub-machinegun was the last one used by the US Military.  The Thompson SMG was costing too much in time and materials to manufacture during WWII.  The early model, the M3 sub-machinegun was the replacement for the Thompson.  Shortly after it introduction, the M3 model was further simplified into the M3A1.  The marking on the receiver of this gun are, “SUB-MACH.GUN CAL.45-M3A1”.  The Grease Gun was used in WWII, Korea, Viet Nam and some say even during the Iraq war.  Since the gun resembled the lubrication device used in automobile shops, the nickname of “Grease gun” was given to the sub-machinegun.  Even though the receiver is marked Ithaca, the BATF form lists the manufacturer as Medea Corp. in Holly Hills, FL.  In addition to the Guide Lamp and Ithaca manufactured M3A1, the Medea Corporation manufactured a few more M3A1s during the early-1980s.  The Medea Corporation only assembled the M3A1s from surplus parts.  It did not truly “manufacture” them.  Medea obtained the surplus parts from Ithaca which probably included a small number of Ithaca-manufactured M3A1 receiver halves.  The Medea employees welded the receiver halves together and installed genuine M3A1 parts into them.  These were then stamped with a Medea assigned serial number and placed on the BATF registry.  This particular gun still retains the original Ithaca receiver markings.  Only a small number of Medea Corporation Grease guns were made.  The precise automated welding methods and fixtures that Guide Lamp and Ithaca used in their manufacture of their guns, were not incorporated into the Medea Grease gun manufacturing process.  Each Medea Grease gun was individually welded and assembled.  There would be a steep learning curve associated with the manufacturing of them it is not surprising that some early made Medea Grease guns were less-than-perfect.  Since Medea Corporation Grease guns were assembled using genuine Ithaca-produced receiver halves and New-Old-Stock (NOS) parts, after a little work to correct any mechanical or cosmetic flaws, they are in no other way inferior to a genuine Guide Lamp or Ithaca-manufactured M3A1 Grease gun.  (This particular gun has been examined in great detail and all of the welds are in perfect condition.  With the B series serial Number, it was probably produced at the end of the run where the welding learning curve was very good.)  Due to their very limited production numbers, Medea produced M3A1s are the rarest Grease guns of all.  However, the BATF has not yet declared them to be Curios & Relics though.



Magazine Pouches, All are filled with Magazines:  One olive drab canvas pouch with three pockets, marked “POCKET AMMUNITION MAGAZINES SMG M3” and one olive drab canvas pouch with a single pocket capable of holding 8 magazines, Marked “POCKET, AMMUNITION MAGAZINES “

Flash Hider: Original M9 Flash Hider made by LFC with Flaming Ordnance Bomb.  Very rare item, seldom seen.

Magazine Loader:  Original unmarked Magazine Loader

Drop Bag:  Reproduction tan canvas drop bag with four magazines.

Suppressor.  MIMS 45acp Sound Suppressor, Serial No. M452091.  This suppressor made by Coastal Gun Inc. in Brunswick, GA.  This .45 caliber suppressor is for use with the M3A1 Grease Gun.  It comes with a barrel which is threaded on which the suppressor is attached.  The barrel has a thread protector on the threads on the end of the barrel to cover the treads when the suppressor is not attached.

Misc. spare parts: Canvas sling, NOS springs and untreaded barrel,

 MIMS 45acp Sound Suppressor for M3A1 Serial No. M452091

 This suppressor made by Coastal Gun Inc. in Brunswick, GA.  This .45 caliber suppressor is for use with the M3A1 Grease Gun.  There is a spare barrel which is threaded and has a thread protector on the threads on the end of the barrel.

I’d like to sell suppressor with the gun so it will require two NFA transfers fees.  Asking $18K for the M3A1 , suppressor and accessories.


Just a few pictures are displayed.  If interested, send me a PM with your direct email or phone number and we can discuss. Thanks.
























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