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WTS: Transferable: C&R Russian PPS43 (1945), AK47 7.62x39 polytech conv., Lewis lmg 1914, Pre86 DS Madsen M50 smg. 9mm 6.5-32.5K


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Listing these for a long time family friend that needs to sell some things.  All are here in Az.  The current owner has an FFL/SOT

The Madsen M50 pre 86 DS will go   e-file  form 3.

The following MG's are in his private collection on a form 4 and not in his inventory so can't go efile,                                                                                                                                             but he is a sole proprietor so will go out on a paper filed form 3 to your FFL /SOT


1. Sold  Transferable AKM 7.62x39 underfolder.  Early Polytech semi (PTI Sile NY) converted by Dillion Precision in Scottsdale circa 1985.  finish is the original blue with an area of the finish worn where the mfg. information was placed. Balance is 90%. The Bore is excellent + with strong lands and grooves. Stock locks up tight. matching parts except for the bolt carrier. The bolt and bolt face are near excellent.  The cartridge feed ramp shows little use and is excellent +. Fire control mechanism is nice.                                                                           

Sold. 32.5 K + ship and ins.


2. SOLD 

C&R        Russian PPS 43. dated 1945    Rare example smg.  caliber is the original 7.62x25.  Russian factory finish and don't see any of the arsenal rebuild stamps.  has some dings and some patina areas as seen in the pics.  Bore is VG, Bolt is not matching. Runs great. comes with an original magazine.  a nice example of a rare smg.

SPF.  30K + ship/ins.         


3. SOLD 

C&R Lewis model 1914 lmg.   .303 caliber.  not a matching gun but the owner says is runs nice.  finish is original but worn at about 65% with dings from use and bein alost 110 years old.  The bore is VG.       

spf. 14k    + ship/ins.        


*Pre 86 DS will go out on an efile form 3

4. Pre 86 DS Madsen M50 9mm " clam-shell"  smg.  Bore is VG+.  Bolt and internals are VG+.  Refinished in FDE.  Looks good.  owner says it runs as it should

  $ 6.5K  + ship and ins.      (Must have current FFL-SOT for purchase)


I will try to answer any questions you have. 

Feel free to PM and i'll provide ya my phone number for text or a call.

I will put you in touch with the owner to finalize the purchase and be available to assist.

First one to contact me with an "ill take it" gets it.   


Steve                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Spotted Dog Firearms mfg.



ak l.jpeg

ak f.jpeg

ak i.jpeg

ak d.jpeg

ak a.jpeg


ak p.jpeg

ak c.jpeg

ak b.jpeg

ak o.jpeg

ak h.jpeg

ak k.jpeg

ak m.jpeg





ak g.jpeg




ak e.jpeg





ak e.jpeg


pps 4.jpg

pps 2.jpg

pps 3.jpg

pps 1.jpg

pps 5.jpg

pps 6.jpg

pps 7.jpg

pps 8.jpg

pps 9.jpg

pps c.jpg

pps d.jpg

pps e.jpg

pps g.jpg

leewis c.jpg

lewis a.jpg

lewis b.jpg

lewis d.jpg

lewis e.jpg

lewis f.jpg

lewis g.jpg

m50 1.jpeg

m50 2.jpeg

m50 3.jpeg

m50 4.jpeg

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new items and price changes
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  • SDF changed the title to WTS: Transferable: C&R Russian PPS43 (1945), AK47 7.62x39 polytech conv., Lewis lmg 1914, Pre86 DS Madsen M50 smg. 9mm 6.5-32.5K
16 minutes ago, Rangercop said:

What's the price on the Lewis gun?  Is it a C&R?  Because below that you have: *Pre 86 DS will go out on an efile form 3

Sorry. Posted the price

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27 minutes ago, SDF said:

Ok you got the Lewis gun.  Pm sent to ya with info. 

Thanks for the response. I did not get your PM. I cleared out my PM box in case it was full. 


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Posted (edited)

all purchasers of the items I have listed. One of the buyers just contacted me and said a scammer text him pretending to be me.  Trying to get a wired payment. I will never do that. 
when I sent you the purchase information I included my ONLY contact information and verification.

send payment ONLY to the address on my FFL.

 PLEASE Verify any email or text message you receive with the information I sent to you. 
verify the area code and also the email address before responding to them. 
I have notified the board admin here of this as well. 

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