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AR R.R. large pin trigger question


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So I have had this EA registered receiver for a little while, and about three months ago went to install a Geisselle SSF trigger, but found out that the receiver currently has large pin holes- I have looked a little bit for a large pin FA fire control group but without luck.  Does anyone know of any manufacturers making a large pin full fcg ?  Or where I could find a replacement ?

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I'm not an expert on old receivers, but I  suspect your EA receiver began life as a small pin.  Perhaps the pinholes became worn and a previous owner had it converted to large pin.

 If it were mine, I would send it to M60 Joe and have him restore it back to small pin specs.  I believe he does this by milling out the holes and pressing in steel bushings. 

 It would solve your problem and make the thing about as bulletproof as it could be. 

 He massaged a RDIAS  for me and now it is plug-and-play. I have heard nothing but good things about his work. Go to his website and check it out. 

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Just to clarify for folks, there are two pin types when folks talk about Colt ARs.... The fire control group large pins, where manufactured from 1990 to 2009 -- Geissele has put together a good writeup for this at https://geissele.com/colt-rifle-users-guide/

The other large pin, that is often referred to is the upper, which started back in the SP1 days until about 1993 or 1994, and deals with the front pivot pin of the upper receiver. http://www.biggerhammer.net/ar15/uppers/

M60 Joe is the guy to go to when it comes to putting either one of them to small hole.. You can PM him through here - http://www.sturmgewehr.com/forums/index.php?/profile/1716-m60joe/ - or go to his site at http://www.m60joe.com




On February 27, 2016 at 11:06 AM, J237 said:

M60 Joe did a SP1/M16 pin job for me and it is now wonderful.  I can put small pin uppers on it.  I recommend him.


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