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WTS 20MM Lahti L-39 Destructive Device $15,000 with Tool Kit and Extra AA Magazine

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Well, it pains me to say that sometimes there are too many toys. And I only need 1, 20mm so the Lahti must go. 

Great condition. Regular size mag (10 round) and the 15 round Anti Aircraft extended mag that I have never seen available.

The, included, magazine box will only hold the 10 round mags. 

Tool kit as pictured, I believe to be complete. 

I will include 5 rounds of ammo and 2 x 50 cal ammo cans of 20mm vulcan projectiles to use for reloading. These need to have the driving band turned down a touch but is what most use to reload for the Lahti and Solothurn.

Anzio Ironworks is still making new ammunition by order.

This is on my books but I am not a DD dealer. You may send a letter in to ATF so that it can transfer on a form 3 if you are not regularly engaging in DD business. Or I will pay the first form 4 out. This is in Ohio. 

contact phone or text to  (six one four) 657-3726   or message here for my email address. 


One sold at Rock island with 15 extra rounds of ammo and without the very hard to find tool kit (or extra projectiles) for 16,500 plus tax    https://www.rockislandauction.com/detail/88/353










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