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B&T Factory SBRs - APCs and SPCs on sale!


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We have received some neat B&T SBRs for your consideration, all currently in stock and on sale. These will transfer on a eForm 3 upon receipt of payment. All prices listed are MAP - please contact via PM for a sale price quote. Prices quoted are cash price and include free shipping. We can accept credit cards over the phone for +3%. Some of these are cross-posted and may sell elsewhere. If you don't see what you want, we are direct with B&T and happy to provide a quote for anything you'd like to order. The SD guns have been quite popular - we should have more SPC9 PDW SDs coming soon & are available for pre-order.

APC9 SBRs - top is a unique 8.7" barrel with standard lower, bottom is the 6.7", both have MBT stocks. MAP is $2880



SPC9 PDW SBR with telescoping stock - MAP is $2,519. Suppressor NOT included, but available with purchase




APC223 10.5" SBR with Elfmann Trigger: MAP is $3,932



APC9 limited edition gray 6.7" SBR - one of 120 made, metal lower receiver and Elfmann Tactical trigger - MAP is $2,950



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