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BPP23EK sear host package

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Looking at selling my BPP23EK sear host gun. This is a BPP gun with a Michales Machine feed mech (don’t ask me why that combo, it’s how I got it, and it WORKS) 

Comes with the following items:

Functional semi auto/sear host
HK bipod
Assault grip
HK 200 round belt box
M249 sack/box adapter 
Kendel Ordnance linker/delinker
4 pound of links
25-100 round M249 sacks
3-200 round M249 drums 
3,100 rounds of belted 223/556 ammo (55 gr FMJ and 62 gr Green Tip)
RDTS MG3 HK tripod adapter blocks
HK23 marked USGI 50 cal ammo can (2)
Spare carry handle
Spare feed mech belt advance roller

Video is from the last time I had it out at a belt fed shoot. Don’t really shoot it anymore so why keep it around taking up space. 

Would prefer a local pickup but I could ship given the buyer pays all shipping costs. Would consider transferable MG’s or pre samples as partial trade.



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