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WTS MP-40 matching amnesty registered $19,500

Rex Tyson

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I am brokering a nice matching MP-40 for a friend. It is an FXO 42 made by Haenel. Serial 9526. It is on a form 4 in Tennessee. It was also registered during the amnesty in 1968. Basically a three owner gun. This gun was brought back and then sold by the gentlemans son to the current owner in about 1980. The copy of the amnesty form reads,  "The weapon described above is a war trophy taken from a German soldier in France during combat in the spring of 1944. And to the best of my knowledge is still in serviceable condition." Some blueing still remains with some brown patina. I now have a slideshow of pictures for you to view. Please click on the link below. Asking $19,500 DELIVERED to your FFL. If you have any questions please contact me at rext269@aol.com or 859-361-9444. Thanks, Rex.

Rex Tyson

Kentucky Firearms

******More pictures here*******      




imagejpeg_0 (1).jpg





imagejpeg_0 (2).jpg

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It says date of birth 1904, so I can pretty much guarantee it's the guy that actually took it from the German.  He would have been 40.  Older, but not unseen in that war.  I doubt that guys 60 something year old day was there though ;-)

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