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WTS DCM M1 Garand National Match

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I have a Springfield National Match M1 Garand that I believe is a type 2 but not sure what year.  This came from the DCM around the time they became the CMP in the 90’s.  It had been issued to the Rod @ Gun Club where I lived in NW PA.  When DCM/CMP offered these for sale to the club, the club in turn sold them to the members.  There is no DCM/CMP paperwork with it but it won’t be hard to establish provenance.  I just haven’t taken the time to do so.  The yellow tag was with it, the NSN and description apparently (to me at leas) indicates it was built as a NM rifle, not just a bunch of NM parts on somebody’s rack grade rifle.  I don’t think I ever fired it, been in the gun locker, then the safe 30+ years.  Light rust spot on butt plate, otherwise beautiful.

Time for this to move on to another loving caretaker!

4k/offer.  Please PM if interested.






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Nice Rifle! It might be a Type 1, that is arguable worth more than a Type 2.  I suspect this because of the LMR barrel that must have been hand selected.  You can pull the trigger group and see if it is glass bedded.  If it is, it is a Type 2, If it is not, it is probable a Type 1.  Either way, it is very nice!   LMR made great barrels.  GLWTS!

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