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Fastest eForm 1 ever for me


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Holy crap.. Fastest Form 1 I've ever done...

Submitted the eForm 1 5/2/23.. Received approval 5/12/2023. (this is for the brace amnesty, not the $200 stamp)

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You didn't really get "approved", you got a "yeah, now we know you have it"  form.  You were approved the day you made it, they just didn't know about it.  This one is going to be fascinating to watch.  If it's overturned, are they going to delete/ purge everyone's info.....like they don't do on NICS checks, even though they are mandated to?  Are they going to investigate your personal finances to see if you are "worthy"  of possessing such an item like some guns that are now targeted and confiscated without due process?

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