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Thompson: Colt's, West Hurley's & More


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A new book on the Thompson submachine gun by Tom Davis, Jr. 


Thompson: Colt’s, West Hurley’s & More is the fourth book by Tom Davis, Jr. about the Thompson submachine gun. Tom focuses on areas of Thompson history, accessories and guns that have never been fully explored.

A prime example is the British proofed Colt manufactured Thompson guns. These guns were not sent to Great Britain during World War II and later returned to the United States. But these guns did travel to Great Britain and were returned to Auto-Ordnance and later sold in the US, all prior to World War II. This book explains what happened and the meaning of the different markings.

The rare and expensive Colt era long cleaning rods is another area sorely lacking on information that would aide an enthusiast in making a purchase decision. Reproductions abound in the marketplace. Learn the number of variations and what to look for during an examination. The canvas spare part kits are mostly fakes. Period. This chapter details with pictures the few known authentic canvas kits and explains how one may be the real deal. All the known fake variations are pictured too, many purchased directly from the faker!  

West Hurley owners will greatly benefit from the two chapters dedicated to the last commercially manufactured Thompson submachine guns in the United States. There is one West Hurley part that is dangerous and must be replaced. All the other West Hurley parts are covered in detail including some parts introduced in the marketplace years ago by a vendor specifically for the West Hurley guns that can cause real damage if used.

This book begins with NO 91, features the famous New Mexico Prison Colt’s, and ends with NO 147. All presented in detail with expansive captions like presented in Tom’s second book, An Amateur’s Guide for the Colt’s Thompson Submachine Gun. Not only will an enthusiast enjoy the beauty of these Colt’s, but they will also learn how to evaluate one as a prospective buyer.

And there is so much more. This is a must have book for a Thompson collector's library.

This new publication is available immediately on Amazon.com at a list price of $49.99 Use the Amazon website “Look Inside” feature to review a few pages and see if this book contains the information you need before making a purchase decision. 

Personalized copies can be purchased directly from the author at a Sturmgewehr special price of $40 plus $4.00 shipping in the continental United States. Contact Tom Davis, Jr. at: tkd5501@fuse.net   for purchase information. 

Other books by Tom Davis, Jr. - Great Britain - The Tommy Gun StoryAn Amateur’s Guide for the Colt’s Thompson Submachine Gun & A Thompson Compendium.

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I appreciate the kind words.

Back to the top. 

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I have had several inquiries about the new ATF web-based Freedom of Information Act request system. I cover this new system in detail in Chapter 11. Those enthusiasts that like Colt era Auto-Ordnance paper will certainly enjoy the Spanish paper from Argentina pictured and translated in Chapter 12. And there is so much more!  

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