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WTS: misc 1919 a4/a6 parts

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reduced prices, here is the last of my stash,....prices are for 1 each unless otherwise noted. prices do not include shipping.


1919a4 barrel shroud exc 55
1919a6 USGI, complete bipod, exc 200
1919a6 stock clamp, NOS 20
a6 barrel bearing 40
M6 flash hider, excellent, VERY small ding 40
M6 flash hider NIW 65
M6 wrench tool - SOLD 10
backplate cast, new 50
top cover latch a4, niw 35
M6 wrench tool - SOLD 10
trigger, niw 10
belt holding pawl split pin NIW 4
headspace and timing gauge, small piece on NOGO end is broken 50 for both gauge sets
headspace and timing gauge  
barrel extension assembly, complete, new 25
ejector 5
barrel lock spring New - SOLD 3
bolt parts - sear spring, sear, cocking lever, lever pin (set) 20
7.62x51/.308, like new, A4, Izzy 75
7.62x51, like new, A4, Izzy 75
7.62x51/.308 new from Ohio Black Sheep A6,  125
7.62x51/.308 new from Ohio Black Sheep A6,  125
7.62x51/.308 like new from Ohio Black Sheep A6 100
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some parts have sold
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