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WTS: Registered Receiver Galil ARM

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This is a Transferable Registered Receiver Galil ARM 372 select fire.  Safe, Semi, Full.  

The Galil ARM is one of the best full auto machine guns you can buy!  Designed by IMI from the RK62 of Finnish design but with improvements to better fit the needs of the Israeli Military.

This one is as clean as you'll find and is ready to go. The Galil ARM's are some of the most sought after as they have all the features desired by collectors.  This one is 5.56/.223 and was imported by Magnum Research.  

Don't let this hard to find machine gun get away from you or your collection as the Galil ARM's are hard to find in full auto, Not many were registered before the 1986 cut off!   They don’t turn up often and sell fast when they do .  

To purchase this gun, you must message me though the board here or contact me through my web site email:  


We must talk via voice to make any arrangement.  Do not wire or send any funds without calling the number you receive by contacting me through this site or via the above email.   Pay close attention to that email address as scammers make emails that look similar.   My business is in Tulsa Oklahoma, I am in Tulsa Oklahoma, and my bank is a locally owned bank in Tulsa Oklahoma.   

Price:  42.5K  Shipped and Insured.  Ready to transfer electronically on a E Form 3. 

















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