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WTS: Transferable Fleming Mini Uzi SMG

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I’m clearing a duplicate gun or two.  

This is a Transferable Fleming Registered Sear Mini Uzi.  One of the Rarest models of Full auto Uzi's and one of the Hardest to find. The Fleming Mini Uzi's are considered to be one of the absolute best of the Full auto Mini's as they were built using an actual IMI  manufactured Mini Uzi.  This means that they are dimensionally correct and seem run better than the Group Ind. and Vector's with Registered Bolt's or cut down full size receivers.   This is as close as you can get to a factory Mini in a conversion.

This one runs like a Mini Uzi should and is a great little submachine gun. Don't let this one get away from you or you collection as Fleming only made a few of these mini uzi's with his registered Uzi sears.

 With the price of machine guns going up everyday it seems, this is one that will be a great purchase! 

To purchase this gun, you must message me though the board here or contact me through my web site email:  


We must talk via voice to make any arrangement.  Do not wire or send any funds without calling the number you receive by contacting me through this site or via the above email.   Pay close attention to that email address as scammers make emails that look similar.   My business is in Tulsa Oklahoma, I am in Tulsa Oklahoma, and my bank is a locally owned bank in Tulsa Oklahoma.   

Price:  33K Shipped and Insured.  Ready to transfer electronically on a E Form 3. 













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Additional Pictures of registered sear.
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Alright, help me out here. You say that this is a "registered sear" but I see "Flemming Firearms C-ville, OK U162" on the receiver and then again on the bolt. Is the sear engraved as well? I have a Qualified registered sear and my sear has the number on it, not the bolt or any other part. I can understand marking the receiver which would let someone know at a glance that the sear is inside, kind of like how some HK sear owners will have the packs marked so they don't have to take their guns apart to show an "inspector" their serial number. 

It seems like if he or anyone after the fact would have marked the trigger housing. From what I have been told, Uzi sears are quite rare so I jumped at the chance to buy mine. I am working on setting up a full size, mini & micro. The trifecta if you will.

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Fleming marked the bolt, the receiver and the sear itself with the sear number.     Curtis only marked the sear.  With Bill, there were no mini receivers to convert prior to May of 86.  Bill registered sears and later installed them in a small batch of mini’s.  It was common for Bill to mark all the parts that were modified when he did the sear install.   I have two of these guns and enjoy them immensely.  I have also had a Fleming RR micro that went to a great man last year, and currently have a Fleming RR full size as well as the additional Fleming sear mini that I will be keeping.   IMO the Mini is the absolute best of the Uzi configurations.  

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OK, cool. You have answered mine and I'm sure others question about that. Learn something new every day. Judging on how quickly your other 2 listings have sold, it looks like you have your pricing dialed in. I've got a Norrell/S&H 10/22 sear as well so I am pleased to see how much it has appreciated since I bought mine a couple years ago. My jaw dropped when I saw your Galil.  I've got a Valmet M78 7.62x39 that I almost got talked into converting into a Galil. Had I not bought my Uzi sear, I would have been calling you on that one. Enough chit chat. Thanks for the clarification and good luck with the sale.

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