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Buyers DO NOT post your email address in any WTS or WTB ad 
If you post your email address or Phone number …. You are MAKING IT EASY for a scammer to contact you and …. SCAM YOU !

the scammer sees your “ I want it “ post ….. he then searches for your past posts …. He finds the one post where you posted your email address ( or phone number ) ….. 

then the scammer creates a new Fake Email that mimics the real sellers name ….. you think its legit …. And makes contact …

scammer has you send funds to another email he uses for his scams ….. you send funds  …. then scammer stops all contact .

If you have posted your email or phone number in any WTS or WTB ad ….. best to find your old post and edit out your Contact Info   ….. 

Be Safe …. Use Sturm’s members only PM messaging system ….


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Be careful when posting your email address guys.  Scammers look for this so they can contact you posing as the original seller.  It’s more safe to post a reply and attach your contact info in a PM.  I was recently the victim of ach check fraud and didn’t notice until 40k was drained from my checking acct.   thankfully the bank covered me on it.    Just be careful everywhere now days.  These dirtbags will do anything to steal a dollar

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I replied to a parts kit on here. A scammer texted me said I was one of the gentleman who was to receive it. Couldn't figure out how he got my number but I had posted it in an add where I was selling a gun earlier on. It sad what we have to deal with Even in our small end of the world.

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So, it was not one of the scammers that we deal with, but I read in my local paper they got one His name was Patel something, the fish got a call saying they were going to take him to jail unless he paid whatever, so he did than a week later same thing but this time the older guy calls cops. He was supposed to meet this guy in person to give him money. So, he shows up the cops get bad guy. come to find out this operation is run from overseas and the guy getting money takes the fall. hope he enjoys prison.


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