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WTS: Transferable Military Armament Corporation Ingram M10/45 (MAC10) w/Lage Stock & Upper, Bowers VERS45 Suppressor, spare barrel, and 12x magazines - $15.5k OBO - SPF


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Hey there everyone - I'm looking to sell a pretty good-sized package here which includes my M10/45 SMG w/spare barrel, Lage MAX-10/15 Upper w/2 barrel options, Lage Stock, Bowers can, and a total of 12 mags (3 unopened USGI surplus), 7 opened USGI surplus, and 2x Cobray-branded black powder-coated mags (pretty hard to find!). This is a packaged deal and I'd like to sell it all at once to someone instead of parting out. However, if someone wants JUST the M10, then I'll be open to selling everything else separately. The M10 and all accessories run flawlessly with zero issues.

Please read: I have installed a 5" 300BLK barrel made by SLR Rifleworks on the Lage MAX-10/15 upper as you can see in the pictures, as I like to run it with subsonic 300BLK. I also have the factory 10.3" 5.56mm barrel, adjustable gas block, tube, and handguard as well (pictured above the upper). I am more than happy to switch this back to the standard 10.3" 5.56mm barrel for use and I will keep the 300BLK barrel for use in another AR build. If you wish for me to do this, I will subtract $300 from the price (which is the cost of the 300BLK barrel + handguard). The white block parts you see in the picture are for putting the MAX-10/15 in a vice to swap out the barrel so it's done properly with the correct amount of torque. These are made and sold by Lage Manf.

Some additional notes:

  • The M10 has some upgrades such as the Lage safety, Lage dual-catch mag adapter (run factory Cobray mags and unmodified USGI GG mags), overmold grip, and thumb magazine release
  • I am happy to sell without the Bowers VERS45 can if you do not want it. We can work out pricing in PMs.
  • The spare barrel for the original upper already has a notch cut for the necessary pin (done by my gunsmith.
  • Also included are some extra small parts (magazine latch, 9mm mag adapter if you want to run a 9mm upper.
  • I have videos of this running in all configurations. I am happy to share those with potential buyers.

The M10 is on a Form 4 in Virginia. I am an individual and the M10 is on my trust. This will transfer on a Form 4. 100% of funds due up-front. I have purchased multiple firearms from users on this forum, and also sold accessories to users on this forum. If you need references, please let me know.

Everything in the pictures is included in the sale, including the optic & BUIS on the Lage Upper, along with the muzzle devices on the barrels. The 10.3" 5.56 barrel has a Dead Air Keymo Flashhider on it, and the 300BLK barrel has a Dead Air Xeno Flashhider on it. These two muzzle devices use two completely different mounting solutions, so if you do not want these muzzle devices, or just want one type (i.e. just the Keymo), please let me know and we can adjust.











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  • jl1577 changed the title to WTS: Transferable Military Armament Corporation Ingram M10/45 (MAC10) w/Lage Stock & Upper, Bowers VERS45 Suppressor, spare barrel, and 12x magazines - $15.5k OBO - SPF

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