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WTS NIB GSL Sten/76 Suppressor Eform 3 1,925 shipped


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Good evening everybody, I have a NIB GSL Sten/76 Suppressor. I originally purchased this for my Sten mk2, however I’ve decided I’m going to try to claw together funds for a premay MG34 and I’m starting with this.

GSL is no longer making these, and this was one of the last ones they made.

According to the manual it’s rated for upto 40 DB reduction.

Additionally while originally intended for the sten mk2, my Sten as it turned out has a mk5 trunnion and required a custom made barrel nut, therefore it should be compatible with mk5’s in general (I still have the original mk2 barrel, and barrel nut as well however).

As a technical background this unit also incorporates a ported integral barrel, almost similar to an extent with regards to MP5SD’s.

I’m looking for 1,825 shipped.


If you have any questions feel free to ask. With regards-Mathew 


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Price drop to 1,825
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