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Diemaco C7 trainer used in 1998 Colt v Diamaco lawsuit with documents

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Here is a piece of history for all colt and Diemaco collectors. This is the only known Diemaco made semi rifle in the US and it was used as evidence in the 1998 trial of Colt Vs Diemaco when colt sued for breach of contract against their TDP they gave diemaco for use in Canada only. Diemaco ended up using that info to make these FATS trainers and importing to the US for the military. Here is the link to the case: https://law.justia.com/cases/federal/district-courts/FSupp2/11/228/2289286/

I ended up getting this rifle package directly from the lawyer who it was shipped to in 1998 for the case. Diemaco shipped this rifle directly to the law office in New York as part of the evidence. Included is the original shipping box, FedEx packing slip with address, rifle, spare parts, schematic diemaco included with the rifle, a copy of the COA from the original owner to me and a evaluation he had done for his records. I redacted my address and the law office address only for posting this here but are unaltered on the original documents. This rifle would function if you put a notmal upper on it so will need to be shipped to an FFL. 

$7500 shipped obo 



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No the sear hole should be directly above the selector but this is offset. It is where FATS puts their internals in so nothing to do with a sear. These were shells Diemaco was supposed to ship to FATS but coLt sued them for breach of their TDP in the US

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