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WTS: WWII 4.5inch British Howitzer C&R Original live gun $24,500 in WY


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WTS: WWII 4.5inch British Howitzer C&R Original live gun $24,500 in WY

This is an all original C&R gun with lots of accessories. Never cut and with original paint still on it. Excellent bore and rifling.  This gun was made in 1918 during WWI and then upgraded for WWII with high speed rubber tires.  These guns where used in WWI and early in WWII before being replaced with the 25lb gun. The bore size is about 114mm so bigger then the US 105mm gun.  Includes original and copied manuals, original dial sight, about 12 original brass cases, 6 original inert projectiles (3 unfired and 3 fired), 10 resin projectiles, about 25 90mm brass blanks some of which have been machined to fit the chamber of the gun.  I have fired one blank out of this gun.  I have also fired a bocce ball(sort of, see video), I am still working on that.  I will have this gun at the Casper, Wy machine gun and cannon shoot on June 3 to June 5 for your viewing pleasure. Cargo trailer with winch available also for sale and delivery by me at cost also available.  All federal and state laws apply.    See photos at this link to photobucket. 
Happy Trails, Buck.


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