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NOS SCAR 17 FDE Belgium from 2011 Sold&PIF.

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ECABD90E-759E-440D-8352-B00BF82A4E84.thumb.jpeg.e27ac62b5b3d77847ea8becf9f791ab8.jpeg0452FAEC-4415-428F-98C4-683104E8C9CF.thumb.jpeg.093501a31caad48586b1b93fa14ca8a1.jpeg1F4DDA0D-F262-4BDA-938C-E3E182EAEAF0.thumb.jpeg.f8921e2b45d1185113ea7c26c7b9ccf0.jpeg8DD55F89-EB1D-43FB-9635-BF70E0A2DC0C.thumb.jpeg.97f4fba32254eb6219f88a50482a13ba.jpegUnfired purchased 2011. Rifle has tango down rail covers I put on and 10 brand new mags 2 black 20rd 1 black 5rd and 7 fde 20rd . Plus the 20rd fde mag it came with so 11 total. These were hard to get in 2011 it was the height of the surge in Iraq and Special Operations troops were just getting these into the arena. $3600 plus ship/ins postal mo or cash ffl must accept from individual. This is a very good price for a 2011 NIB Belgium scar very few are left out there. Some of you probably do not understand the Historical Significance of the SCAR 17. The FAL, G3, AR 10, M14, SIG 510 were all developed in the 1940s. Other than the SIG 542 in the 1970s(A failure of poor marketing) and the AKs in 7.62 NATO no new Battle Rifles-the Western World waited for 60 YEARS! Until finally the SCAR 17 developed for U.S. Special Operations Forces and made in Belgium. This rifle for sale is the exact rifle issued (less the full auto) and is from the second year of full production. Now you know!




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